Pioneer is the most sold Dj brand in the world, however, many DJs, media, musicians and audio experts criticise this brand. Why?

Probably most of them just can’t afford the best cdj of this brand, anyway, in one of next publications I will speak about minuses of other production of the brand.

Coming back to the topic of the article. Only good marketing or as well the best quality? To get my first job as a Dj, that was 10 years ago,  I had to impress somehow my customers. That time I didn’t have necessary experience, so I couldn’t give the best quality in mixing music, I also couldn’t select the right song in the best moment or as well I didn’t have a various repertory of music. To get the job I had to impress them in a different way, to buy something that could shock them. It means big and shining machines.

One more point was money. I was in the very beggining of my career, so i didn’t have enough money to buy the best Pioneer set. I needed something cheep and at the same time very good looking. My choise was STANTON C 324, as a mixer I got BHERINGER VMX 1000 and as flight case ZOMO SL 19 . Total price was 1.100 € in 2006.

Than after 3 years I changed my equipment, I bought PIONEER 400 LIMITED EDITION PAKAGE with total cost 1.800,00€ in 2009. Since I bought Pioneer I’ve been trying a lot of different cdj and controllers, but after all these tries I always bought Pioneer again!

Let’s check some brands and their most expensive cdj (today’s prices):

STANTON CMP.800              Pice 449,00 €

GEMINI MDJ 1000               Price 499,00 €

NUMARK NDX900               Price 425,00 €

DENON SC 2900                   Price 900,00 €

PIONEER CDJ TOUR 1         Price 4995,00 €

Why do we see such a big difference in prices? Pioneer gives a touch screen and other cdj don’t? Pioneer has a better design and we have to pay more than 4000,00€ for its beauty?

My opinion is that the Pioneer Cdj Tour 1 is too expensive because You can get almost all functions of this cdj in the PIONEER CDJ 2000-NXS2 that cost 2310,00 €. Pioneer is far more expensive comparing with the best cdj that we can still find in the market. At the same time the performance quality is like to compare a Bentley Coupè with a Fiat Panda, Both bring You to Your destination but in 2 different Ways! Speed. Comfort of functionality. Design. But as prices show you the gasoline is more expensive!